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Find Your Joy: Find Joy In Even Life's Littlest Things

Find your joy. Mexico 2017. Valentin Imperial Maya All-Inclusive Resort.

"Joy-suckers" seem to be all over the place nowadays. "Joy-suckers" are exactly what they sound like. The things that have the potential to suck any joy right out of your being. They are the things that make you feel like the world is doomed, the days are gray and you're living under a cloud, and that there simply isn't much to be happy about.

If you are connected to the social state of our world in any manner, such as the news or social media, you will know that most "news" involves bad things. I mean, really horrific things. Police officer shootings, mass school shootings, the drug epidemic, the rise of sex trafficking, kidnappings, murders, accidents, animal abuse, and on and on... And, it is not just every once in awhile. It is every. Single. Day. Joy-suckers. Other examples are perhaps feeling overwhelmed with daily schedules, being stressed about finances, spilling your coffee on yourself as you're rushing to work, or getting in an argument with a loved one. More joy-suckers.

How can you find joy with all of this happening around you? It can be a very dark place to be if you allow yourself to wallow in this place of negativity.

But, trust me when I say this... joy CAN be found in life! You must first identify what gives you joy. What makes you happy? What puts a smile on your face? What makes you feel content? Can you find joy in small, simple things? Think about it.

Finding joy in life might be a thought, an activity or action, a memory, or possibly a sensation.

When I set about the task of simply brainstorming things that give me joy, I was able to immediately create a list. And, as my list was growing, it spurred me to recall even more things that give me joy.

Can you relate to any of the items on my list? (in no particular order); seeing the smiling faces of my boys, hearing the words "I love you," the smell and feeling of fresh sheets, the sensation of a cool breeze across my cheek, the warmth of the sun on my skin, my toes in sand, the sound of the ocean, the nuzzles of my dog (or any dog, in fact), the smell of fresh coffee, the taste of fresh coffee, a genuine smile from a co-worker, a funny joke, a crackling-campfire, a good book, the sound of rain, an unexpected text from a friend, holding a newborn baby, "Friends" reruns, the power of a deep cleansing breath, a pedicure, waking up to sunshine through the curtains, Badgers football games, hot summer nights, outdoor music festivals, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, red wine, yoga, the crunching of fall leaves under my boots, hugs, worship at church, a kiss from my husband, pecan cluster blizzards from Dairy Queen, tulips blossoming in the springtime...

I really could keep going and this list would be obnoxiously long. So, I will spare you. My point is just the act of thinking of what brings me joy led me to realize that they also occur every single day. Some of them just happen. But, some of them I can control. I can create my own joy. YOU can, too.

Find your joy. Start with your list. See what happens. Then, allow joy to be a part of your life. Every day. Make it happen.

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