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Small Business Saturday: What's the Big Deal About Small Businesses?

Almost 3 years ago I started a journey to improve myself. It began as a way to improve my energy and lose some of my "fluff" after I became sick of feeling so sluggish and crabby day after day. I hated it.

I knew after only a few days of beginning an amazing, easy to follow nutrition program, that EVERYONE needed to know about it! I quickly lost my extra belly rolls and felt better than I had in YEARS! I didn't know it at the time, but my love of sharing this nutrition that our bodies crave was the start of my OWN SMALL BUSINESS!!!

I learned that so many people are looking for what I had! Why wouldn't I share? I'm not pushy, but, rather choose to inform others. I never thought of myself as much of salesperson, but discovered that when you are passionate about what you love, it's not about "the sale."

I have been truly BLESSED by the company that I partner with. My role is to share nutrition and coach people in getting started. I do this on my own watch. Some days I spend more time than others. I am passionate about helping others, so I usually feel my time spent on my "side gig" is timeless. I can message people at my own leisure from my phone (God bless technology!) and help coach them to better health. I show them how to do the same to their friends and family. As a result, I get compensated!!! My company deposits my earnings every Monday based on the work of myself and my team from the previous week. As I continue to build my team, I continue to earn income. This is called RESIDUAL INCOME. Residual income? I had no clue what that was a few years ago.

So...what's the big deal? The big deal is that I, a small business owner, earn extra income that I did not have before. If you are a working parent, you can understand that having an extra cash flow can be a godsend. I can pay bills off faster. I can pay for my son's orthodontia expenses without selling my kidney (that kid has one expensive mouth!). I don't have to dig into savings to pay for tires on my truck that wear out. My dream to become a yoga teacher was funded by my residual income. Family vacations are no longer "I wish we could." I am more inspired than ever to continue to share my passion of health with others. I have been empowered by the benefit of being rewarded for my efforts.

So, a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of my family, friends, and even some individuals I have never met in person who have trusted me to help you. Your support of me is appreciated more than you know on my journey as a small business owner!

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