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My Story

December 2014, just after returning from a lovely all-inclusive vacation in Mexico with my husband, eating and drinking all the good and naughty things that come with the Christmas season, and celebrating turning 40 on Christmas Eve, I decided something needed to change. 


At the time, the turning point for realizing I needed to do something really was about the number on the scale. As silly as that seems, when I saw that number get higher and higher, I felt myself sink. I was frustrated. I tried hard to eat healthy, in the way I knew how as a mom to young kids. You know, eating only a few spoonfuls of mac-n-cheese at dinnertime with the kids, skipping breakfast most mornings, and warming up Lean Cuisine meals in the microwave at work for lunch. I had just turned "the big 4-0" and I felt like shit.


Looking back now, even though what I felt was the driving force of change was some extra pounds, I realize I also wasn't happy with myself. I felt gross in my own skin. I was short-tempered.I was sluggish and exhausted. I could easily take 2 hour naps even after getting 8-9 hours of sleep at night. I had been diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. My young boys saw their mom lying on the couch every night with her iPad, too pooped to do much else. I figured this was just the way it was supposed to be. After all, I worked full time and was raising 3 busy boys. 


How could I let this happen? How could I stop it from getting any worse?

So, I did what all women who are in desperate need of a quick fix do, and I clicked on Facebook. Facebook has all the answers, right? Well, turns out this time it did for me. Divine intervention was taking place at the moment I read my friend, Beth's, post about the nutritional products she was taking from a company called Isagenix and how thrilled she was with her results. I trusted her and figured it wouldn't hurt to inquire more. She happily shared with me information about the products and with little thought I decided to go for it.

I will admit--- I was being selfish. But, I felt I needed to be. I actually considered it a gift for myself. I ordered a 30 day supply of their popular weight loss products, describes as "shakes and cleanse," without even telling my husband. The large brown box was delivered to my doorstep within a few days and I anxiously opened it. I diligently read through the schedule of how to do "shake days" and "cleanse days" and prepared for the worst. I had never tried any type of shake or weight loss system ever before and decided the shakes were probably going to taste nasty, but figured it would be worth it if I could lose some pounds. 


What happened over the next several days was just the beginning of unwrapping the gift I had given myself. I actually enjoyed the shakes! I felt like I was treating myself to something super yummy every morning. 

Then, day #5 on my first 30 days--- for the first time in FOREVER, I woke up feeling REFRESHED!!! The scale showed the stubborn pounds in my "muffin top" were melting away! The cloud was lifted and I felt ENERGIZED!

This lifestyle has been an ABSOLUTE BLESSING to my family and me. It has been so much more than just drinking a shake or two every day. I have experienced many transformations on several levels, besides the physical one which was my initial intent with my involvement with Isagenix. My story continues to unfold and will be shared in throughout these web pages.


 I feel like I am now LIVING instead of just surviving!

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